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  • BIG John Detectorists Mini PickBIG John Detectorists Mini Pick

    BIG John Detectorists Mini Pick


    The BIG John Mini Pick is ideal for metal detectorists hunting for targets in hard ground and clay as can be found in the South Africa veld.

    Weighing only 450g, the BIG John Mini Pick can be carried with ease. The pick head can be separated from the wooden handle for easy storage and safe transportation.

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  • BIG John Metal Detecting Hand DiggerBIG John Metal Detecting Hand Digger

    BIG John Metal Detecting Hand Digger


    The BIG John Metal Detecting Hand Digger is an essential metal detecting accessory and tool that every detectorist must have by default as part of their kit.

    The BIG John Hand Digger is especially useful when detecting in well-manicured lawns where you want to leave no trace that you had every detected there.

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  • Big John Relic Spade - MAX EditionBig John Relic Spade - MAX Edition

    Big John Relic Spade – MAX Edition


    The Big John Metal Detecting Relic Spade is designed for detecting in fields and parks where you may have to dig a deeper hole than what a hand digger is capable of. It is made from 2mm grade 204 stainless steel and has been manufactured with quality and strength in mind. This shovel features serrated and sharpened edges which makes for easy cutting through roots, sods and wads. The shovel or blade part of the relic spade is tapered from top to bottom enabling you to pull out a neat plug. The angled and curved blade lessens the chance of mud and clay sticking to the shovel as would be the case with a flat shaped spade.

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