Nokta Simplex+ WHP Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones

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The Nokta Makro Simplex+ WHP Metal Detector has turned the entire metal detector market upside down as it comes in at an entry-level price point but is, in fact, an advanced detector that competes with detectors almost three times in price. If you are unsure, do a quick Google search to see how well the Simplex+ is rated and the comparisons done with the higher-end detectors, and it comes out on top.

Just some of the advanced features which make the Simplex+ compete with other “high-end” more expensive detectors include:

Fully waterproof | Submersible to 3m | Wireless audio (Wireless Headphones Included) | Extreme depth | Auto ground balancing | Notch discrimination | Frequency shift | PinPoint function | Vibration feedback | Online firmware updates | Built-in rechargeable battery | Retractable shaft | LED flashlight | 5 x Search modes | 2 Year warranty

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The Nokta Simplex+ Metal Detector which launched late 2019 has truly shaken up the metal detecting industry with its high-end features while still being well priced! Since the launch of the Simplex+, it has been Metal Detectors South Africa’s (MDSA) best selling detector through 2020.

The Simplex+ is the first detector on the market that has all the advanced detecting features of a high-end metal detector that is priced even lower than many entry-level detectors.

Just because the Nokta Simplex+ is very well priced does not make this an inferior quality detector. To the contrary, Nokta is a well-established metal detecting manufacturer an international brand. Nokta Metal Detectors are extremely popular in Europe and the USA and are now taking off in South Africa. Nokta Detectors as a company stand-by their warranty and offer exceptional back-up and support.

We at Metal Detectors South Africa are the Importers, Distributors and Agents for Nokta Detectors in Africa. With the support of Nokta Detectors International, we provide full back-up, service and support on all Nokta Detectors that we distribute. Our dealer network is carefully selected, ensuring all our Nokta Metal Detector dealers are well trained and supported, ensuring Nokta customers receive only the best service and support.

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  • Fully waterproof, submersible to 3m
  • Wireless audio (Wireless Headphones (WHP) Included)
  • Hit targets at extreme depth
  • 5 x Search modes
  • Automatic & Manual ground balancing
  • Notch discrimination (Manual & Auto)
  • Frequency shift (5 Steps)
  • 6 x Sensitivity Levels
  • Pinpoint function
  • LED flashlight
  • Vibration feedback
  • Online firmware updates
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Retractable shaft
  • Lightweight 1.3kg


  • IP68: Fully submersible up to 3 meters (10 ft) and protected from total dust ingress.
  • Iron Volume: Turns off or adjusts the volume of the low iron tone.
  • Target ID: Target ID’s are numbers assigned to a target based on its conductivity giving the user an indication of what the target is likely to be.
  • Target Discrimination: The user can set the detector to ignore certain ID’s, for example, annoying bottle tops in trashy areas.
  • Search Modes: 5 – Field | Park 1 (Deep!) | Park 2 | Beach | All Metal
  • Built-in Wireless Module: Compatible with Nokta Green (Included) and Blue Edition 2.4 GHz wireless headphones.
  • Vibration: Simplex+ will vibrate upon detection of target! Ideal for hearing impaired users or when detecting underwater.
  • Frequency Shift: Get rid of Electronic Interference easily by shifting the frequency in small increments.
  • Fabulous Lighting for Night & Underwater Use: Simplex+ has it all; an LCD Backlight, Keypad Backlight and built-in LED Flashlight.


Operating Principle: VLF
Operating Frequency: 12kHz
Search Modes: 5 – Field | Park 1 (Deep!) | Park 2 | Beach | All Metal
Audio Tones: 3
Notch Filter: Yes
Pinpoint: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Frequency Shift: Yes
Sensitivity Setting: 6 Levels
Target ID: 00-99
Search Coil: Waterproof DD Search Coil – 28cm / 11″ (SP28)
Display: Graphic LCD
Backlight: Yes
Keypad Backlight: Yes
LED Flashlight: Yes
Weight: 1.3 kg (2.9lbs.) including the search coil
Length: 63 cm – 132 cm (25″ – 52″) adjustable
Battery: 2300mAh Lithium Polymer
Warranty: 2 Years


  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones (WHP) – Green Edition
  • Waterproof DD Search Coil 28cm / 11″ (SP28) & Protective Coil Cover
  • USB Charging & Data Cable (No USB charger included – any USB charger will work)
  • Nokta Simplex+ Cap
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate

5 reviews for Nokta Simplex+ WHP Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones

  1. Avatar of Silver Fox

    Silver Fox (verified owner)

    Thanks for the quick delivery and getting it to me before the weekend.

    I am so far very impressed, it is definitely a serious coin finder. I managed to get R53 on my first outing to the beach while still getting used to it.

    Having headphones make such a difference. I have been detecting on and off for 3 years before upgrading to the Simplex+. My Ace 200 never had headphones and I did not realise what I was missing!

  2. Avatar of Pierre

    Pierre (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. I am new to detecting and so far so good.

  3. Avatar of William

    William (verified owner)

    On the 15th of January, I took delivery of the Nokta Makro Simplex+ WHP set from MDSA. I had read up a lot on this detector and heard a lot of positive reviews about it.

    I was really excited when it arrived, and I got to take it out for a ‘spin’. When I opened the box, the first thing I realised was how cool it looks. After the quick and easy process of putting it together, I picked it up and was shocked at how good it felt in my hand and how light it was. It’s not light enough to feel cheap and plasticky but was light enough to feel like you can easily swing this metal detector for a day and not battle with sore muscles or anything afterwards. Coming in at 1.3kg it feels great.

    The second thing is the way it sits in your hand. The ergonomics are excellent, and it doesn’t feel awkward or out of place at all. The metal detector has two ports at the back. One of which the coil connects to, and the other is for connecting the charger or underwater headphones.

    The metal detector has a built-in rechargeable battery and promises 12 hours on a single charge. The user interface is also straightforward to understand. There are five modes: ALL METAL, FIELD, PARK 1, PARK 2 and BEACH. Field is the best mode for relic hunting but does not have as good discrimination as Park mode does. The way to get Field mode to have good disc, especially in iron polluted areas is to set the discrimination to the first two segments on the screen, which is very simple.

    With the excellent depth and discrimination, this so-called “Beginner” metal detector does outperform any detector in its price range. I noticed park mode to be a bit confusing as it has two different tones and I enjoy one tone only as I can understand it better, but that’s just personal preference. All modes work well besides beach as I haven’t tested that mode out yet as I haven’t gone to the coast since I got the metal detector.

    The pinpoint mode is precise, and it does an excellent job if you don’t have a pinpointer. I will write another review for when I finally take it to the sea and also when I fully submerge it.

    The wireless headphones are super easy to pair and have absolutely 0 latency. They are a must if you use headphones.

    All in all, I love this metal detector. I would recommend it to anybody looking to get into the hobby or even just wanting to add another metal detector to their collection. The way it works is almost magical and have found so many relics with this metal detector.

    I will upload a further review once I have used the submersible headphones as well as the PulseDive kit and have taken the detector underwater.

  4. Avatar of Marco

    Marco (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW! For a first time buying experience on MDSA to actually receiving the Simplex+ to actually truing out the same night in my garden and finding my first coin. What a great machine, easy to use, light weight and just awesome. I will highly recommend This machine.

  5. Avatar of Marco

    Marco (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying my Simplex+ it is easy to use and with the head set It woks fantastic. Found many different things and loving the hobby.

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